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THE FLAUTADORS – 20th Anniversary Album

THE FLAUTADORS – 20th Anniversary Album

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The Flautadors, recorder quartet
Catherine Fleming |
 Merlin Harrison | Celia Ireland | Ian Wilson

Recording date: May 2017,
Recording venue: St Jude-on-the-Hill, London, UK
Engineer, editor & producer: John Taylor
Liner notes: The Flautadors
Digital release date: Autumn 2017
Physical release date: October 2017

TRADITIONAL SCOTTISH  (arr. 1997 by Ian Wilson) to include:
Ca' the Yowes
Brose and Butter
Dandy Dance
The De'il Amang The Tailors
(première recording of these arrangements)

Leo CHADBURN (1978-)
De la Salle (2001) - for four players on eight recorders (two at a time) *

David MURPHY (1970-)
Bavardage (2002, rev. 2016) *

Peter Maxwell DAVIES (1934-2016)
Farewell to Stromness (1980, arr. 2016 by Ian Wilson) (première recording of this arrangement)

Arvo PÄRT (1935-)
Pari Intervallo (1976)

Maki ISHII (1936-2003)
Black Intention IV (1980)

Ryōhei HIROSE (1930-2008)
Idyll 1 (1976)

Ruaraidh WISHART (1975-)
The Glassward Spiral (2009) *

Terry RILEY (1935)
In C (1964) (première recording for recorders)

* première studio/commercial recording

If possible, please help FHR artists THE FLAUTADORS complete this their 20th anniversary album recording featuring audience favourites. Everyone involved with the project would be extremely grateful of any help, even if it's simply by sharing the Crowdfunding page and spreading the word. Thank you!
Link to the campaign: