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Fascinating Rosalind Franklin project recording, to be released on FHR Ocotober 2016

Minerva Scientifica – THE FRANKLIN EFFECT (FHR51)

FHR are really excited to announce a new recording project in which we will be working with the contemporary music theatre ensemble, Electric Voice Theatre. We will release a fascinating set of works called ‘The Franklin Effect’ from the ensemble’s ongoing project ‘Minerva Scientifica’ (Judith Weir, Patron). This is a set of variations for vocal quartet, focusing on the work of DNA scientist ROSALIND FRANKLIN (1920-1958) at King’s College, London and her inspiration through f…our of the College’s current female scientists in collaboration with four composers – FRANCES-HOAD, WHITLEY, THOMPSON & PLOWMAN. The pieces were premiered at The Arts & Humanities Festival – Fabrication, at King’s College, London in October 2015 and will be recorded early June 2016, to be released in October 2016.

1. Cheryl Frances-Hoad (with Professor Elizabeth Kuipers): ‘Photo 51′
2. Lynne Plowman (with Dr. Claire Sharpe): ‘K-Ras’
3. Dr. Shirley J. Thompson (with Professor Ellen Solomon): ‘The Machinery of Replication’ & ‘Random Sequences’
4. Kate Whitley (with Professor Mairi Sakellariadou): ‘Theories of Quantum Gravity’